Play Time

After all is said and done, the condition of your children’s heart will be the true measure of your success.
Clay & Sally Clarkson, Educating the Wholehearted Child

* * *

Parenting is the hardest job I have ever had.   Homeschooling is a huge responsibility.    You will fair better if you seek out fellow homeschoolers.   Both you and your child will need play dates to let off steam.   You need friends that understand your struggles.  You NEED a support group.

Once you have completed your school day, you need to switch gears and let your children have play time.   Neither of you are going to be very happy with homeschooling if you neglect friendships because you are doing too much school and house work.

Park play dates are the easiest way to provide your child with a place to make new friends and enjoy unstructured play time.   Meanwhile, you get a chance to chat with moms that understand your struggle with balancing academics with housekeeping  and family time.

You are welcome to contact me directly, if you need help finding a support group.

* * *


When going to the park is just not possible, my son plays online games with friends.   There are several sites that are safe as long as he follows the rules.   For example, my son usually talks to a friend on the phone or on Skype while they are playing the game together.   We like this situation best because he enjoys chatting and I can monitor his online activity.

If  you would like your child to met mine online, please send me his or her online name.   The following are places he enjoys meeting up with friends:

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