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The purpose of this section is to teach my child how to be an informed voter and that it is our civic duty to do so.

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“Not knowing what happened before you were born is to be stuck in
childhood forever. What does a person’s life amount to
without the historical consciousness that weaves one’s life into the life
of earlier generations?”
Marcus Tullius Cicero (January 3, 106 BC – December 7, 43 BC)
orator, statesman, political theorist, lawyer and philosopher of Ancient Rome

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Civic involvement is an important part of my Christian faith.  I am not an expert investigative reporter nor am I physic.  I do not know if these articles are accurate.  I am just a mom who is concerned about the world my child is inheriting.  I post them to promote thinking.  If you are easily offended, then go away.  This blog is not for you.  I am sharing what concerns me and I want to understand what is going on.

“To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
~ Voltaire



  • – If I am too busy to educate myself before an election, than I follow what is recommended here.
  • – Christian voters guide
  • – August 8, 2012 – “Is America worth trying to save? Save from what you might ask. Is America worth saving from self-destruction? Maybe that’s a better question to ask.  Civilizations have risen and fallen through the ages. Countries have been birthed and countries have died.”
  • – interesting interviews – Christian – Join your host, activist, author, international speaker, and biblical scholar, Dr. Michael Brown, as he tackles the controversies, engages the culture, and challenges the status quo. Michael Brown is the Director of the Coalition of Conscience and President of FIRE School of Ministry, and he’s taking your calls and answering your questions every week on the Line of Fire.
  • – interesting interviews – secular
  • – about voter fraud – sent to me by a friend that respects this writer
  • – about electronic voting – “In a major step towards global centralization of election processes, the world’s dominant Internet voting company has purchased the USA’s dominant election results reporting company….  SCYTL is moving into or already running elections in: the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, India and Australia. SCYTL is based in Barcelona”


  • – instead of paying union dues (which allow the union to decide to support cause that maybe against your values) you have the legal right to support a charity instead.  Learn more at this site.
  • – October 18, 2012 – A message from Billy Graham about the election.
  • – October 26, 2012 – Dr. David Jeremiah, recently said, “This time, vote your values, your beliefs, your convictions. Over the last years I’ve traveled, I’ve been asked this question over and over again: ‘Dr. Jeremiah, do you think God is finished with America?’ But that is the wrong question. The right question is, ‘Is America finished with God?’ Over these next days as we pray…and vote, we can send a strong message to the watching world that we are still one nation under God.”
  • – Voter registration deadline was October 22, 2012.  One in seven people who think that they are registered to vote actually aren’t.   Visit this link to confirm you are registered to vote in your current city!
  • – October 11, 2006 – about civic duty and Christian duty – “…Christians, who have committed themselves to doing God’s will, bear a higher level of responsibility for injustices in America. Much has been given to us, and much will be expected. If we choose not to vote, if we isolate ourselves in a Christian subculture and ignore the injustices around us, if we do not encourage the oppressed, help orphans and widows, or work for a just society, then we will bear a significant measure of the blame for the evils that surround us.”
  • – February 27, 2009 – Romans 13 Revisited by Chuck Baldwin – “It seems that every time someone such as myself attempts to encourage our Christian brothers and sisters to resist an unconstitutional or otherwise reprehensible government policy, we hear the retort, “What about Romans Chapter 13? We Christians must submit to government. Any government. Read your Bible, and leave me alone,” or words to that effect.  No doubt, some who use this argument are sincere. They are only repeating what they have heard their pastor and other religious leaders say. On the other hand, let’s be honest enough to admit that some who use this argument are just plain lazy, apathetic, and indifferent. And Romans 13 is their escape from responsibility. I suspect this is the much larger group, by the way….”


I don’t have time to continue to update this post.  For current articles, visit the following alternative news outlets:


Before you get angry with my selection of articles, please check out this 1800 Election Attack Ad and remember that squabbling over politics has gone on long before you were born.

To their credit, these two men were mature enough to remain friends long after the election.  I hope that visitors to my blog are at least this mature.  I have no way of knowing the accuracy of the news articles.  I post alternative views to provoke critical thinking.


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