Streams of Civilization

For history, I use Streams of Civilization (SOC).  It is designed to offer both Christian and secular world history so that it can be used in a public school.  SOC is designed to be completed in two years in high school, but I use it for all grades.

For k-6th grades, I used the chapter headings of SOC as my checklist from which I picked age-appropriate historical resources from the library.  For 7th-10th grade, my child reads this textbook.  It is supplemented with documentaries, historical fiction, as well as field trips to museums and historical reenactments.

We are also learning history in other subjects.  In writing, we are using the history-based writing lessons from Institute for Excellence in Writing for the Medieval era.  In grammar, we are using Our Mother Tongue which includes a brief history of the English language.  In science, we are using Apologia’s General Science which includes notable scientists and major innovations.  In our Community Bible Study class, we are learning about the Jew’s return from Babylonian exile (538 BC).


The following flashcards are for SOC, Volume I are from others:

The following flashcards are for SOC, Volume II:


* * *

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
George Santayana [1863-1952]
philosopher, poet, critic, and best-selling novelist


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