All My Science Curriculum

Apologia Educational Ministries publishes my favorite science curriculum.  There are more books to choose from then what I show in our schedule.  The following is what we have done or plan to do:

05th grade – Exploring Creation with Astronomy.  We also studied weather.
06th grade – Exploring Creation with Botany.  We also studied herbal remedies.
07th grade – Exploring Creation with General Science.  We also studied health.
08th grade – Exploring Creation with Physical Science. Plan to study permaculture.
09th grade – Exploring Creation with Biology
10th grade – Exploring Creation with Chemistry
11th grade – Exploring Creation with Physics
12th grade – Exploring Creation with Advanced Physics or Advanced Chemistry

Studying vocabulary before reading the chapter they first appear in makes the lesson easier to absorb.  When I do not have time to make flashcards and speed typing tests, I gather flashcard sets made by others.  A list of flashcard sites can be found in LEARNING LINKS.

My student begins by having terms read to him by me or Quizlet.  After he has mastered pronunciation, he skips between Quizlet games and speed typing tests until he has mastered a set.  I spread large lists across several batches of 10-15 terms per set so my student doesn’t spin out on overwhelm.

The following links are related to Apologia science textbooks:

I highly recommend joining an Apologia forum.   The files section in each group holds a treasure trove of additional resources graciously shared for free such as ready made lab sheets and tests:

If you would like to do science with us, contact me at  To view science projects we have done or are interested in doing, please visit

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I take educating myself and my son seriously.  In this age of “scientific enlightenment,” we are often bombarded with the evolutionist point of view.   In preparation I use my own study guides for comparison.  Here are my favorite resources:


For science-related opportunities and field trips, visit:

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