Where to Find Help

One of the most useful resources I know for a survey of issues that face homeschoolers and public school teachers are highlighted on Issues in Education.  To listen online, visit http://www.issuesineducation.org.

The following are organizations that are fighting for YOUR rights.  I hope you take the time to learn about and pray for the issues that affect all homeschoolers and many public school teachers.

* * *

The following are additional legal resources you should know about:


http://janetcarter.org/the-advocate-radio-program – “THE ADVOCATE RADIO PROGRAM is a “live” call-in talk show providing a forum for legal questions to be answered from a Biblical perspective. The objective is to help the listening audience resolve both their personal and legal problems, in accordance with the Word of God.”


If you believe a law is unjust, you can nullify, even if the defendant has broken that unjust law.  Please keep that in mind next time you serve on jury duty.  You can read more about jury nullification at American Jury Institute at http://fija.org/category/jury-nullification.

* * *

I have many friends that are also public school teachers, I post the following resources for teachers and parents to be aware of the issues the face educators.


Do you know what your union is spending dues on?   You have the legal right (protected by federal law) to send ALL of your union dues to a charity you believe in, instead of seeing them support politicians and issues you would not even think of supporting.   Learn more about opting out of your worker union at http://choosecharity.org.   Pacific Justice Institute provides FREE legal representation for those that have opted out for religious reasons.  To learn more, visit http://www.pacificjustice.org.


Whenever I wonder why California public schools have financial problems I look at what the California Teachers Union supports.  The following are just few articles to ponder why union dollars are not being put into better buildings and school supplies.  These articles are my reminders to pray for public school children and their teachers.  My site is not about bashing teachers.   I think the problem with public schools is with the administrators, not the teachers.


The following are documentaries to help educate you on the issues faced by homeschoolers and/or public school teachers:

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