Is history repeating itself?

I challenge you to do your own research and see what conclusion you come to.

The following is reprinted in its entirety with permission.  It is from

Statist Education:  Is history repeating itself?  by William J. Atkinson IV

Public education is perhaps the most dearly loved institution in today’s modern society. Many parents love it because it relieves them of the responsibility of raising their children, leaving them free to pursue their selfish ambitions. Others like the institution because they believe it is a place where their children can get an education for free. Still others support the system because of the athletic opportunities it offers
for their children. But besides all these groups, there is still another class of people that adore the public schools even more:

Statist politicians and philosophers. Public education has unquestionably been the greatest tool for tyrants throughout the history of man. From the time of Babylon until now it has been the foremost institution in changing the culture of a country from a liberty loving civilization to a nation that is enslaved to other men, and the cruelest of tyrants. Ironically, the enslaved people under these regimes did not complain about their bondage because they were taught it was freedom.

Public education progressed rapidly in the twentieth century, as John Dewey and other socialists refined the art of brainwashing and amoral training. But the perfection of the public school concept undoubtedly came under Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime in Germany. The similarities between the Nazi’s educational system, which included Hitler Youth and Maids of Germany, and the modern American public schools are remarkable.

1. Both the Nazi and American public schools were founded by socialists. When Adolf Hitler took over Germany in the 1930’s, a public school system was already in place. Years before the Weimar Republic was formed in Germany, the Prussian Kaiser had established a public school system to educate the children of Germany. For many years the system was compulsory; but after several failures by the state schools, the
compulsory law was lifted and most children were sent to private, church run schools or educated by a tutor at home. But the school system that had been set up in the early nineteenth century remained in place, howbeit very small and insignificant. But when Hitler took over Germany his job of controlling education was made easy because the structure for a public education system was in place, and it had been founded years ago by the same philosophers that had formed some of Hitler’s ideals. When the public schools in Germany were founded, the influential forces behind them were the most famous socialist philosophers of that day. Foremost among the supporters for public education was Hegel, Fichte, Heinrich Heine, Friedrech Engals, and Karl Marx.They saw public schools as the means to bring in a new age of humanism, and absolute loyalty to an absolute state. Thus when the Nazis rose to power, their indoctrination infrastructure was already in place. The public schools of the United States, similar to the schools in Germany, were started by socialists and humanists. Robert Owen, who started the first communist experiment in New Harmony, Indiana, was one of the first champions of public education. Samuel Blumenfeld, author of “Is Public Education Necessary?” , says that “to the Owenites it was clear that public education was the essential first step on the road to socialism”. Horace Mann, considered the founder of the American public school system, was a dedicated socialist and a believer in the theories of Robert Owen. Archibald D. Murphy, a prominent writer, said “Indeed if anyone can claim credit for changing America’s social, academic, and ultimately, political direction from a libertarian to a statist one, it would be Horace Mann.” These men, Horace Mann and
Robert Owen, were succeeded by John Dewey who proudly stated that “Schools do have a role, an important one, in the production of social change.” The men who were influential in founding the German public school system and the American public school system were very open about their socialist beliefs and goals which they propagated through education.

2. Nazi education, as American education today, decreased academic standards, and emphasized sports and socialist training. When the Nazis seized control of the German schools, the first thing they did was lower academic standards and requirements, and increase sports training and socialist teachings. Brenda Lewis in her book, “Hitler Youth: In War and Peace.” states that “The emphasis on sports training, the most marked single characteristic of Hitler’s education system, was only one symptom of the shift away from the intellectual traditions of the past. In the Nazi education system, syllabuses were radically changed to accord with the tenets of National Socialism and all subjects were re-angled to reflect the Nazi world-view.” Every aspect of education was changed by the Nazis to promote their agenda. Modern American education is a mirror of the Nazi method. Children, from the earliest ages, are carefully schooled in the doctrines of modern
socialism: tolerance, multiculturalism, pluralism, and the blessings of big government. It was estimated by the Washington Post that over ninety million people in the United States are functionally illiterate, and that twenty-six percent of seventeen year olds never graduate from high school. But while academics decrease in schools, sports and socialist training pervade the curriculum of the education system. Organized sports is used, as it was in Nazi schools, as a way to gain the attention of children so they can be indoctrinated by their teachers. In “Is Public Education Necessary?” Samuel Blumenfeld states that “A youngster who passes through its (public schools) classrooms emerges indoctrinated in a body of secular values as if he had gone to a sort of government parochial school.” Thomas Sowell said that “A variety of courses and programs, under an even wider variety of names, have been set up in schools across the country to change the values, behavior, and beliefs of American youngsters from what they have been taught by their families.”
Children in our modern schools are constantly bombarded with socialist indoctrination about everything from science to history, all in the name of education.

3. Both the Nazi and American education systems instituted “school to work programs” to train children for “needed jobs” in the society. In the Nazi’s education system children were no longer taught the basics
of education: reading, writing, and arithmetic, nor were they allowed to choose an occupation for themselves when they graduated; instead the Nazi teachers were instructed to keep tabs on the abilities of pupils and report them to the education department, who then decided for what job the child was best suited. As the demand for certain types of labor became more and more prevalent in the German economy, children were trained to fill the gaps of the specific jobs that were needed. As new territories were conquered children were trained to be farmers, factory workers, or whatever was needed in that specific area. In the last twenty years in the modern American education system, “school to work programs” have become increasingly more popular. Teachers decide what jobs a child is best suited for and encourage the child to enter that field, providing them with opportunities to visit the workplace and to learn firsthand about the vocation that has been chosen for them. As in the Nazi system, these programs are just a glimmer of the command economy that is the goal of American socialists, in which children will be trained for the jobs that are most needed in the economy.

4. Public education is being used in America, as it was in Germany, to gain total control over the people.
In 1933, Adolf Hitler proudly stated his goal of using education to produce a new world of total statist control. He said “I begin with the young…What material! With them, I can make a new world. Out of it will come the creative man, the man-god.” Hitler believed that if he taught children from birth they would follow him to the death, and in millions of cases he was right. Once he gained control of the education system in Germany, it was very easy for him to seize control of the country. The American education system is the greatest promoter of government in the country. Children are taught to rely on the government for meals, for school books, facilities, and even medical and physical care. They are taught that there is no area of life in which the government can not care for them. Thus children come to view the federal government as the guardian against poverty, provider for the needy, and the protector of the people from all crimes, including thought crimes such as hate and intolerance. As each new wave of children graduate from public schools,
more and more liberties are sacrificed by the population, and more and more allegiance is given to the federal government.

5. The American education system, as the Nazi education system, deny the authority of parents over their children, and teachers are required to answer only to the state. Adolf Hitler boldly proclaimed what he thought about parental control in 1933 when he said, “When an opponent declares ‘I will not come over to your side’, I say calmly ‘Your child belongs to us already…..What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp, in a short time they will know nothing but this new community.”

Parents that refused to allow their children to attend the public schools or join the Hitler youth programs, were deemed unfit by the government and were taken away to concentration camps. Children were taught that the state was their true superiors, not their parents. Teachers and Nazi officials urged children to report their parents for any “unpatriotic statements.” If parents did not comply with the state the consequences were swift and horrible. When reports of immorality and decadence in the schools began to arise, concerned parents were told that they had no right to question the authority of the teachers, and even though in some
cases complaints were heard, no major changes were made.

The American school system, following in the footsteps of its Nazi predecessors, has come to a place where they completely reject the authority of the parents. Former Nebraska Senator, Paul Hoagland stated, “Fundamentalist parents have no right to indoctrinate their children in their beliefs. We are preparing their children for the year 2000 and life in a global one world society and those children will not fit in.” In many states, parents who dare to deny the right of the state to educate their children are arrested, and their children are taken to foster homes where they are enrolled in public schools. From the beginning of time God gave the control of the child unconditionally to the parent, yet the public school denies this right, claiming that children are wards of the states, and that parents have no control over what a child is taught in public school. When reports of immorality surface in American schools, or material is made available to children that is immoral, all attempts of the parents to block it are thwarted by the teachers and national education system. Ironically, the belief of the modern public school system was openly stated by John Swett, the state superintendent of education in California in 1864. He said that “the vulgar impression that parents have a legal right to dictate to the teacher is entirely erroneous.” Strangely and ironically the tenants and beliefs of the Nazi education system are repeating themselves in our modern school system. In part two of this article, I will conclude the similarities between the two systems, and look at where they are ultimately headed.

6. The American education system, like the German schools, instills hatred for certain groups of people.
When Adolf Hitler and his Nazi parties took control of the German schools, the first thing they began to teach was hatred of the Jews. Anti-Semitism was one of the main planks in the National Socialist Party’s platform, so to ensure that their utopia could come to pass, all of the German children had to be taught that Jews were the enemy of the state. As a result of their teaching, thousands of children in Germany were raised with the concept that the reason a perfect state did not exist was because of the Jews. The hatred instilled in the hearts of the children, through the brainwashing of the German schools, resulted in the Holocaust that killed thousands of Jews.

In today’s modern society, tolerance is the most acclaimed virtue that anyone can have. Hate is a word almost worse than murder in our culture of “love” for all religions, culture, beliefs, and races. Tolerance exists for everyone, except those viewed as “intolerant”. In the American Public Schools today young children are taught that the greatest crime you can commit is intolerance. I have personally talked to several public school children, that I meet at social events, and I ask them what is the worst kind of person in America today. Sometimes murderers or terrorists are named first, but invariably upon asking that question, intolerant people are mentioned as some of the worst kinds of people in the country. Undoubtedly those in our country that are branded intolerant will be the Jew of the American socialist government that is coming upon our country. Evangelical Christians that preach the gospel and stand against abortion and sodomy, will be branded as intolerant and thus persecuted. Yes, the public schools do teach tolerance for Sodomites, Abortionists, Socialists, and other groups, but at the same time it teaches hatred for those who are intolerant of evil, such as fundamental, Bible believing Christians.

7. The theory of Evolution, as in Germany, is the core of the American public school curriculum.
The theory of Darwin is undoubtedly one of the cornerstones of modern totalitarian regimes. The reason evolution is the cornerstone of modern totalitarians and totalitarian societies is because the teachings of evolution state that man is not the created being of God, but rather the result of evolution from animals. This teaching destroys the value of human life, and promotes the idea that different races have “evolved” more than others, therefore some classes of people are not as valuable as the more “evolved” groups. Since man is nothing but a highly evolved animal, according to evolution, human life is of no more value than the life of an animal. Evolution was already becoming an accepted theory in Germany when Hitler came to power, but when the Nazi party took over the education system of Germany, they immediately instituted evolution as the basic teaching of science in all schools. Through their childhood training in evolution, the German soldiers were able to justify the slaughter of civilians because they were “subhuman” according to evolution and Nazi ideology. Thus, according to evolution, the mass killing of other races was “justified” because they were not evolved as well as the German race.

The teaching of evolution is perhaps the most defining characteristic of the American public schools today. No matter how much schools may differ around the country, all of the schools in the public education system instill the ungodly, and atheistic theory of evolution into their pupils, K-12. The result of this teaching is the acceptance of abortion, because the baby in the womb is  “evolving” and is therefore not human. It leads to the acceptance of Sodomy, because they have just “evolved” differently than others. The theory of evolution is perhaps the greatest teaching of modern tyrants because it destroys children’s belief in Christianity, God, and morality. Since we are all animals, they are taught, we can do as we please, there is no God, and there is no moral absolutes. Thus what worked so well for Hitler and Nazi Germany, will work again for the modern socialists that seek to destroy the only belief and book that can stop them, Christianity and the Bible.

8. The German schools system, like American education, was compulsory with no tolerance towards those who chose not to attend. It is the nature of all tyrannical regimes to consider children as wards of the state, therefore to insure that the most valuable asset of the state is not threatened, compulsory attendance laws are passed to ensure that all children are educated in the ideology of the state. In 1934 all schools that were run by Protestants were shut down by the Nazi regime, two years later in 1936 all Catholic and private schools were shut down, and all German children were required to attend the state schools. Any parent who did not comply with the compulsory attendance law was arrested by the G.E.S.T.A.P.O. and sent to concentration camps. Albert Marrin, in his monumental work “Adolf Hitler” says that any child who did not attend the German schools was taken from his parents and put in a state orphanage.

Compulsory attendance laws were enacted in the United States right after the establishment of the Federal Public Education system in the latter part of the nineteenth century, but the strict enforcement of the law started late in the twentieth century. Recently in our history, the Child Protective Services Bureau was set up to supervise a wide range of issues relating to children, including neglect, which is now defined as not sending your children to state schools. Parents who homeschool their children, in many states, are accused of abusing their children mentally; so Child Protective Services agents search their homes, confiscate their children, and take them to jail. In most cases the children are sent to foster homes and enrolled in public school against their parents wishes, their parents are not allowed to have the children back unless they sign a paper saying they will keep their children in public schools. Many Christian schools around the country are also facing run ins with the government, because they are taking away children from the state education system, and one day they too will be shut down, as in Germany.

9. The German education structure, as the American schools, stressed “non-religious” training. When the Nazis took control of Germany, they took control of a mostly Christian country; so in order to keep from enraging the Christian community the Nazi officials said that the teaching in the schools would be “non-religious”, favoring no religion over the other. However, in reality, the Nazi schools instilled the Nazi religion in the minds of the children. From the very beginning of the foundation of the United States Education system, proponents have stressed that the training would be of a “non-religious” nature. Horace Mann, Abram Combe, and Robert Dale Owen all said that religion had no place in the schoolhouse, and that public education would not teach any form of religion. Yet as Dr. Robert L. Dabney, a well recognized theologian and minister in the nineteenth century, noted; “Non-religious training is really anti-religious training.” The absence of faith and Christianity in education is a statement against Christianity and faith because it promotes the philosophy that there is knowledge and morals outside and above the laws of God and his Word.

10. The American education system, like the Nazi schools, seek to destroy not only the minds of children, but their souls. This is, perhaps, the most striking similarity between the American education system and the Nazi schools. All education is by nature religious; Christian education teaches that all morals, principles, and beliefs should be based on the Bible, and that there are no laws or beliefs outside scripture that are acceptable. Secular education teaches the religion of humanism, that all beliefs and ideas are equally valuable, and that the ultimate goal of education is the advancement of man.  The conflict between these two world views gives us the reason for public education in America a Germany. Because the Christian world view is so diametrically opposed to the socialist and humanist world view, the socialist state must institute a mandatory education system to train the minds of children, especially Christian children, into their world view. The Nazi officials in Germany saw that in order to create subservient citizens, all vestiges of morality must be trained out of the German children. Human bondage always begins with bondage to sin, so the National Socialist Party made sure that the children in their schools were enslaved to sin at an early age. Brenda Lewis in her work “Hitler Jugund.” says that all manner of immorality existed in the German schools, including sodomy and that immoral behavior between girls and boys was encouraged by the Nazi teachers.

Likewise, some of the most immoral, and pornographic material in the United States can be found in the Public Schools, being taught to the children under the guise of “Sex Education”. Eagle Forum published a book titled, “Child Abuse in Public Schools”, which outlines some of the content in the sexual education courses in schools “Child Abuse in Public Schools” showed that sodomy and other sexually deviant material, including child pornography, was rampant throughout the sexual education courses. As a result of this training unprecedented immorality between children, many at extremely young ages, is rampant in the public schools. It was estimated recently by government surveys that seventy-five percent of children that graduate from public schools have been involved in immorality. Thus the struggle for children is not just a struggle for their minds, but for their souls. Public Education in the United States, as in Germany, seeks to involve children in immorality, to destroy their allegiance to their parents, and instill in them absolute loyalty to the state.

Truly, this is the characteristic that joins the Nazi educators, and the U.S. educators at the hip. It is not just their belief in evolution, their anti-Christian views, or their socialist roots, but their ultimate goal – the subservient citizenry – that makes them identical in their ideologies. Through the systematic destruction of the mind and soul of a child, the socialist state insures absolute allegiance to itself by the next generation, and guarantees the destruction of true Christianity and the Christian world view. Undoubtedly public schools have been the Trojan horse to Christianity, taking the children of Christians and indoctrinating them in the ways of Hedonism and Statism. Sadly many Christians today do not investigate what their children are being taught and send them to public schools, K-12. Later when their children grow up and become steeped in immorality they wonder what happened.

They do not realize that the innocent and tender mind of their child was violated the day they darkened the doors of a classroom. It is because of this institution, Public Schools, that the American Republic lies in ruins, and the all powerful federal system rises from the ruins unchallenged by Christians. The ashes of Christendom lie on the altar of education, along with the remains of morality and Biblical law.

Truly it is public education, and Christian apostasy that gives us our future:
An amoral culture, and a destiny without God.

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