Christians in Public School

Teachers CAN read the Bible to their students in class. California Education Code #51511 states:  “Nothing in this code shall be construed to prevent, or exclude from the public schools, references to religion or references to or the use of religious literature, art, or music or other things having a religious significance when such references or uses do not constitute instruction in religious principles or aid to any religious sect, church, creed, or sectarian purpose and when such references or uses are incidental to or illustrative of matters properly included in the course of study.”

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My first big surprise as a brand new homeschooler was learning that many of my new homeschool friends had been or currently were public school teachers!   It is for my homeschooling public school teacher friends that I include public school information on my blog.

If you are homeschooling through a Charter school, then you are part of the public school system.   The public school rules apply to you.  I highly recommend that you become acquainted with Gateways to Better Education.   Gateways to Better Education’s mission is to help public schools teach about the important contribution the Bible and Christianity make to the world.   They offer the following resources in order to help Christian parents navigate the public schools, and also to give confidence to Christian teachers and school administrators on their legal rights to discuss Christian beliefs alongside the beliefs of others.

  • Practical articles for parents and teachers
  • Lesson plan ideas for teachers
  • Adult Sunday school Bible studies for parents
  • Professional development seminars for teachers
  • Parenting workshops
  • Printed materials
  • e-Newsletters, and more.

Gateways to Better Education hosts a one-minute radio program at

You can find a seminar near you at   If you would like to invite them to offer a seminar in our area, please contact Kim Buehrer at or 949-586-KIDS.

Please visit their Facebook page at

About the Founder

Eric Buehrer is the founder and president of Gateways to Better Education. He writes and lectures extensively on the subject of religion and public education. His audiences include parents, teachers, school administrators, school board members, student educators, and pastors.

Mr. Buehrer’s work has been twice featured as the cover story of Focus on the Family magazine, and on BreakPoint with Chuck Colson. He has also written articles for, Teachers in Focus, Christian Parenting, Insight, and American Family Association Journal. His books and materials have been endorsed by Dr. D. James Kennedy, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, and Josh McDowell.

He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs including CBS This Morning, The Coral Ridge Hour, The 700 Club, Point of View, Family Life Today, and as a guest commentator for Family News in Focus.

Eric’s daily radio commentaries are heard on radio stations nationwide.

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