For Middle School +

Middle School is when you should begin to set up your child’s high school transcript.   I was dreading this, but now that I have made one I can honestly say this has been a huge source of encouragement for both my son and myself.  Of course, this a rough draft, but this draft is now my outline to direct us from here (8th grade) to graduation.

I made my son’s high school transcript by following the instructions given by Lee Binz and Mary Schofield.  Their books are listed below.   I have or will comb through the rest of the books listed so I can glean ideas for course descriptions.  Course descriptions help me map out the scope and sequence of courses I need to offer and also subjects my son wants to pursue.

Another huge benefit of writing a high school transcript early is that I can clearly see what books I need and do not need.    I have been gathering books since my child was in kindergarten.    They were mostly freebies from friends that finished their homeschooling journey.    Soon I will sell off what I don’t need to raise funds for what I do need.



Although these are not at our local library, I wish they were.  I am listing them here to remind myself to check out their online resources and keep a look out for them at book sales.


Because I need liberal doses of comfort food for my soul.

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