SAT & CAHSEE Test Practice

Test taking skills are just as vital for job applications as they are for those who apply for college.  It is highly recommended that homeschoolers start test prepping no later than 7th grade because it is the wording of the tests where most students stumble.  Starting in 7th grade gives you time to offer test prepping in smaller increments.  You need this time to work with your student on fully understanding the language of the test as well as practicing speedy test-taking techniques.   Our local library has zillions of test-taking resources.  My current favorite is produced by “Standard Deviants.”

Updated as of March 2014, Khan Academy and College Board have formed a rare partnership.  As a result, SAT prep instruction will be offered for FREE on Khan Academy.    For more information on this new partnership, visit

Update as of January 2014, Khan Academy has added FREE college prep to their line of online instruction.  Fore more information, visit

To learn more about the SAT from its makers, visit

For advice on how to prepare for the SAT, visit:

For SAT Test practice, visit:

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