CLEP Testing Overview

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) testing, also known as credit by examination, or testing out of class, is a way to receive credit for a freshman or sophomore year class for less than the cost of that class’s textbook.  The test is similar to an AP Advanced Placement or SAT that colleges and universities use to provide college credit for classes.  I  appreciate opportunities to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the student, car and myself.  We plan to CLEP test, if possible.   It is important to make sure the college of your choice accepts Credit by Examination.

The following are personal stories about the CLEP:

How Our Son Is Graduating From College at Age 18 – September 2011 – “…When Sam was 14 years old he started studying for, and taking, CLEP tests.  Each of the 33 CLEP tests represent a basic college class.  So, for example, when Sam was finished with his Algebra class in our home, he would study for the Algebra CLEP test and then take it.  Tests are $77 each.  He passed 16 of these tests over the course of 3 years and earned 57 college credits for $1,232 and a fraction of the time.  Keep in mind that state colleges average about $200 per credit.  That same number of credits would have cost roughly $15,000 at a state college, and a whole lot more at a private college.  Did you know that the first two years of college are simply a review of high school?  So why not kill two birds with one stone…and as your child finishes the high school class, have him/her study for and take the equivalent CLEP test and get the college credit for it too?…”  [Read more at]

No shame in not passing CLEP – 24 January 2012 – “…Let’s face it CLEP exams are HARD.  It is a college level test, so there is no shame in not passing it when you are only 15 or 16 years old. There may be shame in not trying though. For us, even when he did not pass,  it was a learning experience in figuring out his strengths and learning how to study.  Studying for the tests have also given him the exposure needed to pass the classes in college when he takes them formally….” [Read more at]

One Step Closer to College Success! – 24 January 2012 “…The CLEP taken at our local community college is $90…” [Read more at]

The following is not about CLEP.  It is another credit by exam option.   Purdue introduces competency degree program – September 7, 2014.

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