Toward College




Dual Enrollment saves time and money.  MSJC offers Dual Enrollment as early as the second semester of 9th grade.  The following are resources for Dual Enrollment.  I included specific information for engineer-minded students since that is my child’s area of interest.



There are many FREE classes offered by online universities.  Studying in a free online class can help equip a student to CLEP out of attending a fee-based class.  To CLEP out of a class is to get credit for a class by passing its final exam with taking the class.   To save money, a student should CLEP out of as many classes as possible.

FREE online classes are also an opportunity for additional instruction in case your instructor or textbook are not making sense to you.  For example, in some of my college classes, I received an “A” IN SPITE OF my instructor and textbook.  I did this by using the class syllabus  and the textbook’s table of contents as a check list for my own research.   This skill helped me maintain a 4.0 and has been useful long after college.  The better you are at doing your own research, the better equipped you are for lifelong learning.

For a list of FREE online university classes, visit ALL SUBJECTS filed under LEARNING LINKS.

* * *

Five years from now on the Web for free you’ll be able to find the best lectures
in the world.  It will be better than any single university.
Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft [2010]

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