About Blogging & Technical Issues

When I began blogging I simply posted whatever I was interested in.   Eventually, the organization of resources became vitally important or the resources would not be easy to retrieve!   That totally defeats the purpose of why I started this blog.

Now that I have amassed over 600 event posts, I have been looking very critically at the structure of this blog.    As I said in my intro… consider every post to be a work in progress.    I should also say that you should be glad I did try not to be perfect before posting.  This blog would never have gone public if I did that.

The following are random resources I found on my blogging journey:


There is much for me to learn about blogging.  The following are problems I have encountered and their solutions.   Since I don’t have to deal with trouble shooting a specific issue on regular basis, I usually forgot how I resolved it when it occurs again.   This list saves me the trouble of having to look it up, again.

* * *

“The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book about it.”
Benjamin Disraeli

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