Beyond the Mask (Rancho Mirage) — August 10

Beyond the Mask, an action/adventure feature film made by homeschool graduates, will be appearing at the Rancho Mirage Stadium 16 on August 10th, 2015 at 7:30 pm.  Regal Cinemas Rancho Mirage Stadium 16 & IMAX is located in the Monterey Marketplace at 72-777 Dinah Shore Dr, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270.

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Beyond the Mask, an action/adventure feature film made by homeschool graduates, will be released April 6. View a behind-the-scenes trailer, designed to encourage homeschoolers. In this trailer Aaron and Chad Burns of Burns Family Studios explain how homeschooling prepared them to produce and direct a historical action adventure.

Encouraging commentary is given by three national leaders (and homeschool advocates): Michael Farris, Jeff Meyers, and Stephen Kendrick. Beyond the Mask, a swashbuckling serving of US history as a former British mercenary overcomes his past, wins his beloved Charlotte and, with the vast ingenuity of one Ben Franklin, defuses a plot of, well, historical proportions. A film trailer is available here.

“It’s unlike just about any movie I’ve ever seen,” said Christian filmmaking legend Stephen Kendrick, who contributed to Paul McCusker’s Beyond the Mask script. Kendrick’ films—like Courageous and Fireproof—made with his brother, Alex, ushered in the new Christian film era, and the praise hardly stopped at the script. “This movie has more green screen shots and CG effects than any other live action Christian film in history,” he exuded.

The film is being distributed through a company called Gathr, and a distribution plan called Theatrical on Demand. With this platform, anyone can make a request for the film to come to a theater near them. It costs nothing but about five minutes of their time: go to the film’s website, click on: “Bring it to Your Community,” choose a theater, date and time, and fill out a form. After a week or two, the theater is confirmed and they receive a link to post on social media and send out in e-mails to advertise their showing; their contacts buy their tickets to their showing online directly through this link. Once the theater receives the minimum number of ticket sales (average 65 tickets), the show will proceed. If the minimum number of tickets are not sold, your money is refunded.

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