Veteran’s Alliance Fundraiser — May 31 – June 3

If you like jewelry and like supporting a good cause, here is your opportunity to do both.   Veteran’s Alliance in Hemet launched a fundraiser today that will end on Midnight, June 3rd , 2014.    Your mission, if you so choose to accept, is shop, shop, shop for jewelry!

To learn more about Veteran’s Alliance of Southern California, please call or visit:

The following is from

What A Great Opportunity to Add a ONE OF A KIND PIECE to your Collection or to give as a GIFT! After all, it is the season of Weddings, Graduations… and in our family June Birthdays!

Each piece posted is handcrafted by Bohemian Baubles owner, Tamara Martin McMahon, and has been offered to help us raise funds to repair our New Home, an amazing gift from a friend who knows our story over the past few years to create and fund Veteran’s Alliance of Southern California, a non profit formed in the Heart of God and passed to us to be faithful stewards.

Six Years ago, when God broke Fred’s Heart while the VA was re-breaking his back to repair damage done parachuting, we knew there would be sacrifice. When Jesus called the disciples, they were to leave behind everything, and in many ways we did that. By choice. And now, God has rewarded that, also in Biblical terms in that we are reaping the work of 6 years of willingness to put His Mission in and thru us first. We just bought a home… for an amazing price…. and we were able to pay in full because of the way God structured it in the “Lesson of the Talents.” A reward for faithful service.

The home needs some renovation, as most older homes do…. which we cannot afford. Tamara has specifically requested that we use her pieces to help us do the work to turn our house into our HOME. By the law of non profits, this would be considered a designated donation in that until now, we would have been the veteran family, under housed and low income that we look for to serve and move to housing. All parties involved understand the donation, including our Board of Directors, and we have gratefully accepted this help from the organization we founded, in part as we have never accepted an income.

SO…. having said all that…. LET THE BIDDING BEGIN! Closing Bid will be at MIDNIGHT, June 3rd , 2014!

The auction is held here

About Hemet Sunshine

I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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