CERT Training — April 25-27

A FREE CERT Training is offered this Friday through Sunday, April 25-27, 2014 at the San Jacinto Community Center.  CERT is geared for adults.  They will allow an older child who is mature, but you need to ask permission for your child to attend before signing up.   This is an excellent opportunity for your  child to learn what to do during an emergency.  Being prepared for emergencies makes it easier to cope with them — both physically and emotionally.    This is also an opportunity for your child to explore a possible career in Emergency Medical Technology.

The following is from the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT):

The CERT training is usually delivered over 3 consecutive days. The class time commitment is a total of 20 hours. The training consists of the following:

  • Module I, DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: Addresses hazards to which people are vulnerable in their community. Materials cover actions that participants and their families take before, during, and after a disaster.
  • Module II, DISASTER FIRE SUPPRESSION: Briefly covers fire chemistry, hazardous materials, fire hazards, and fire suppression strategies; the safe use of fire extinguishers, sizing up the situation, controlling utilities, and extinguishing a small fire.
  • Module III, DISASTER MEDICAL OPERATIONS PART I: Participants practice diagnosing and treating airway obstruction, bleeding, and shock by using simple triage and rapid treatment techniques.
  • Module IV, DISASTER MEDICAL OPERATIONS, PART II: Covers evaluating patients by doing a head to toe assessment, establishing a medical treatment area, performing basic first aid, and practicing in a safe and sanitary manner.
  • Module V, LIGHT SEARCH AND RESCUE OPERATIONS: Participants learn about search and rescue planning, size-up, search techniques, rescue techniques, and most important, rescuer safety.
  • Module VI, DISASTER PSYCHOLOGY AND TEAM ORGANIZATION: Covers signs and symptoms that might be experienced by the disaster victim and worker. It addresses CERT organization and management principles and the need for documentation.
  • Module VII, COURSE REVIEW AND DISASTER SIMULATION: Participants review and practice the skills that they have learned during the previous six modules.

To register for COUNTY sponsored CERT Classes or to get more information about classes in your area, visit http://rivcocert.webs.com/contactus.htm.

To sign up for this or a future CERT class, contact:

City of San Jacinto CERT Program
Barry Mulcock
Public Works Supervisor
City of San Jacinto
595 S San Jacinto Ave.
San Jacinto, CA 92583

(951) 487-7386
(951) 487-7382

You can also contact the following person for upcoming CERT classes in Hemet:

City of Hemet CERT Program
Buddy Riley
Emergency Services Coordinator
City of Hemet Fire Department
510 E. Florida Ave
Hemet, CA 92543

(951) 765-2451
(951) 765-3170

About Hemet Sunshine

I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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