No Stress Chess

I always wanted to learn how to play Chess, but every time I read the instructions I became confused.  Eventually, I found a board game called, “No-Stress Chess” by Winning Moves.   The reviews on won me over.

Happily, the 5-star reviewers experiences mirrored my own.  My son, age 9 at the time, only played this game three times before he insisted on playing REAL Chess.  I finally understood how to play chess after a total of six games.   We were both very happy with chess until I lost every time and we both got bored.

Two months after he played his first game, my son started attending a FREE weekly meeting led by Marcos Montes, the President of the Hemet Chess Club.   While I was waiting my turn to sign up for the free weekly chess class, my 9-year old played against an 11-year old intermediate player.   By the time I finished signing him up, he had won his first game against someone other than his mom.   He was very, very pleased to beat and older child.

Marcos was impressed with the results of No-Stress Chess.  Eventually, he and I played a game.  Even though he could beat me quickly in regular chess, the element of chance in No-Stress Chess offered me some hope.   We both had fun.  Marcos even bought No-Stress Chess to use as a teaching aid.   I highly recommend No-Stress Chess because it is a bridge to gently lead a beginner into the game while still offering some challenge to the experienced player.

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About Hemet Sunshine

I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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