Are You Dreaming of a Better Hemet?

Update as of April 18, 2014

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Dear concerned citizens of the San Jacinto Valley,

Please take a moment to listen to an interview with the mother of 11-year-old Faith.   The mother organized a protest in order highlight Budget Motel’s willing participation in prostitution, child trafficking, and drug dealing which included the kidnapping and drugging of her daughter, Faith.  This video was posted on July 14, 2013.   The content is g-rated.

If you have stayed at this motel on 2780 West Florida Avenue, here is an opportunity to post your review:

It is clear that our town cannot recover from our current situation without the help of concerned citizens.  I hope you will consider signing this petition.   I also hope you will find a problem in this town and work toward its positive resolution.  There is a group of concerned citizens that are doing just that.  Check them out at

The following is from

Pull city business licenses of motels continually supporting prostitution and clean up our town!

My name is Tracie and I live in the small town of Hemet California. I have lived here for about six years now and can honestly say I am doing everything possible to leave this town unless things begin to change. Why? Let me tell you. Hemet California was once known as a retirement community and a safe place for young families to raise their children. At one point Florida Avenue was said to have more money than Wall Street. This is no longer the case. Today Hemet is a disgusting, drug and prostitute infested hole. The crime has become unbelievable and citizens are now scared to live here. Hemet has become a dumping ground for all of the ab109er’s coming out of the larger surrounding areas.

I, along with many other citizens of Hemet have decided enough is enough! I have decided to form this petition in hopes of gaining the attention of the city council members and demand they take action and stop ignoring the citizens of this town. Among the many problems in this town prostitution has grown out of control and slapped in the faces of the citizens of this town. The people of Hemet are outraged. There is one major road in Hemet known as Florida Avenue or Highway 74, which is constantly flooded with traffic because it stretches from one end of town to the other ending at the 215 freeway. In addition to the large number of cars traveling down Florida Avenue we now have prostitutes on the sidewalks and corners practically parading themselves down the street. This is unacceptable and needs to change. Mothers like myself, are tired of driving with their children down Florida Avenue and having to witness the disgusting prostitutes walking the streets. The citizens of Hemet are so disgusted; they started a Facebook page named Hemet Hookers and Johns Exposed. This page is available for people to post pictures of these hookers, their clients and even the license plates of the cars that stop to talk to or pick up these women. A video has even been posted on YouTube of a prostitute and “John” at the Diamond Inn, a local motel in town that knowingly allows prostitution on its property. In fact residents have called the Diamond Inn motel regarding the issue. Their response was that it isn’t their responsibility to call the police. This motel is a central point for prostitutes and nothing is being done. The Hemet Police Department is understaffed and does not have the funding to keep up with the growing problem.

Hemet citizens have attended numerous city council meetings trying to address this issue, among many, just to be told by council members Hemet does not have a problem. We beg to differ! As a matter of fact one of three council members and former city Mayor Robert Youseff works in the Bank of America on the corner of Florida Avenue and Kirby. This is a major intersection were numerous prostitutes have been photographed by people driving by. With all of this activity taking place all day everyday directly out of councilman Youseff’s window, how dare the city council claim there isn’t a problem in this town. If there isn’t a problem why is it that councilman Youseff refuses to talk to citizens who confront him? Instead he hides behind closed doors, unavailable to comment.

The bottom line is that the people of Hemet, California are tired of being ignored by city officials and tired of having to deal with the prostitution flooding our streets. Please help us to make a change and sign this petition. Help us to be heard by our city council. By signing this petition you will be helping us to take the first step to cleaning up our town and restoring it to the safe community it once was. The citizens of Hemet thank you for your support.


About Hemet Sunshine

I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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