Veil of Tears (Temecula) — February 20

The following is from Gospel for Asia at

“Veil of Tears” is coming to a theater near you March 28th – April 3rd. The theatrical release will set the tone for all future distribution of “Veil of Tears”. It is the critical first step, and if successful, it will help the film to be released in many more areas.

This is why your help is so significant. At least 500 people in your area must purchase tickets by February 20 in order for the film to show in a theater near you. Will you be one of them?

To ensure the film is shown in your area, please purchase tickets for yourself and for your family as soon as possible. Tickets can be purchased as a gift as well. Let your friends and church family know that they too can make an eternal impact by going to see this film! Profits from each ticket will directly impact the life of a hurting woman in Southeast Asia.

Watch the movie trailer here:

This is a story of the rescue of women

The gripping film “Veil of Tears” gives voice to millions of women who are trapped in despair but stand on the verge of freedom. This is a story about the rescue of women. Narrated by Grammy award nominee Natalie Grant, and featuring insights from Dr. KP Yohannan, “Veil of Tears” brings to light the story of millions of women who are persecuted and savagely abused—simply because they are women. The fact is, after centuries of oppression, Asia’s women are some of the most disadvantaged, unreached people in the world.

However, this is really a story of God’s redeeming love, and the power of hope. In the film, you’ll have the opportunity to meet several of these rescued women and hear their stories. You will be moved by their testimonies, and inspired by the bravery and sacrifice of the everyday heroes that God is using to bring hope to an entire generation of women.

Many have experienced a deeper growth in their commitment to Christ, with a much greater understanding of God’s grace as they have seen this film. Like them you will rejoice as you share in these women’s triumphs!


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