San Jacinto Valley Homeschoolers

Recently, I posted about a homeschooling community potluck that was FREE and welcomed ALL homeschoolers.   The result of the first meeting, held on January 24th, was the formation of a new homeschool group.

One of my goals since I became a homeschooler was to create a central location for EVERY HOMESCHOOLER in or near our valley to meet other homeschoolers WITHOUT FEES INVOLVED.  I did not envision this to take the place of existing groups.

I do not have time to organize field trips or get togethers beyond simply announcing them on my blog.   All I am offering is a central meeting place that I will  moderate as needed.   I believe it is vital for the health of our homeschooling community to unite.

If you missed the first meeting, the contact information for the organizers of that event are listed here:

Whether you attended that meeting or not, here are two online meeting places.  You are welcome to join either or both.   I created two places because I know several homeschoolers that would never join Facebook due to their terrible privacy policy.   I am not saying that Yahoo groups has a better privacy policy (because I don’t know).    I am only saying these are the two I am most familiar with that are also FREE.

PLEASE BE VERY PATIENT with the sign up process.  From now through February 6th    I am super busy with science fair and do not plan to check my blog or these groups daily.

Like I said, I am super busy at this time.    If you have any questions, please talk to the founding members of this new group:

  • Margie Garcia at 909-587-9374
  • Emily Parzick at 909-964-1490
  • Will Parzickl at 951-834-4235

The following is meant to be a temporary meeting place for the new group.   When they decide on a name and where its online presence will be I will post on my blog.   The purpose of SJVH is simply help homeschoolers find each other.

To sign up to this homeschooling community bulletin board, please visit San Jacinto Valley Homeschoolers at:


About Hemet Sunshine

I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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