2014 Raft Trip (Grand Canyon) — sign up now

Sign up now for one of these:

  • Trip 1: April 25–May 3, 2014 (9-day trip) at $2,830.00/person
  • Trip 2: June 1–7, 2014 (7-day trip) at $2,495.00/person
  • Trip 3: June 29–July 5, 2014 (7-day trip) at $2,495.00/person

The following is from http://blogs.answersingenesis.org/blogs/ken-ham/2013/10/17/join-a-2014-grand-canyon-raft-trip-today:

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already time to reserve your spot on one of the 2014 AiG Grand Canyon raft trips. Every year, Answers in Genesis partners with Canyon Ministries to offer rafting trips through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. Our speakers and the guides at Canyon Ministries give the biblical creation perspective on the formation of Grand Canyon, which stands as a testimony of the global Flood of Noah’s day.

This year, we have four unforgettable trips to choose from, all guided by Jon Albert, executive director of Canyon Ministries. Various speakers and friends of AiG will be leading the trips, including Dr. Andrew Snelling, AiG’s geologist and director of research; Dr. John Whitmore, associate professor of geology at Cedarville University; Dr. Danny Faulker, AiG’s newest speaker and astronomer; and Dr. Bill Barrick, professor of Old Testament at The Master’s Seminary, will be teaching on the Foundation in Genesis college trip. . . .

Sign up at http://www.answersingenesis.org/events/grand-canyon.

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