Scientific Method Song by Mr. Edmonds

The following song is from 0:

Here are the words to the song:

An experimental study requires you to follow
steps in a process, get some basics right now!
You narrow down a problem, express it in question form.
Then the main variables, you identify!

(short instrumental)

The independent variable’s the one, you test or manipulate (echo).
The dependent variable’s the measure in response to what you change (echo).
Don’t forget all the constants, the things you must keep the same.
So you are just testing that one thing that YOU change!

Next you do research on both variables,
to make a prediction you need to be well informed.
You write a hypothesis, including both variables
The first clause starts with if, the second with then.

(short instrumental)

Gather your materials and think of the steps you will follow (echo).
Write down those procedures and start by making your data table (echo).
It must have labels and units, now you can experiment,
present your results in tables and graphs.

Look at the results and come to a conclusion,
Did the data support your hypothesis?
Back up your claim citing data that you gathered.

Point out where you had experimental errors that
could have affected, the outcomes you got.
Name some things you’d do a little differently
if you repeated this experiment!

Hey sounds like you’re off to a great START!

This remake of my former parody with the same name is about some basic steps in the scientific method for experimental study. It is to the tune of “Bend Me, Shape Me” written by Scott English and Larry Weiss. It was a recorded hit by “The American Breed”. I have always loved this song’s beat and melody and was happy to use this tune for the song about the steps in experimental investigation.
(In the song, I use the word “data” as a mass noun instead of a count noun so I am using a singular verb in the usage.).


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