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Fiscal cliffs… DEBT … Negative Credit… DEBT… Uncontrolled spending… more DEBT

Crisis after crisis.  That is all we are hearing about our country’s finances.  How can we change this?

We need to educate our children so they have the tools to handle their personal finances.  With these tools they can make positive choices that will impact their lives and those around them.

Do your kids have these tools?

Do they know the difference between MAKING money and EARNING money?

Do they know the difference between a WANT and a NEED?

Do they know what INVESTING and PASSIVE INCOME are?

Financial Education is something most of us recognize as being very important but we rarely take the time to make sure our kids understand it.  Our kids NEED these tools to literally change and fix the world!

And I can help!

As a Money Game™ Coach I hold workshops
where kids are given these tools and,
in a simulation environment, they get to use them!

In a Money Game™ Workshop kids play with their friends and have fun. They are able to internalize the financial principles presented to them and see how they work.

Isn’t this what you want for your kids?  Isn’t this what your kids NEED?

Choose either a one-day or two-day workshop.  The one-day workshop covers vital topics such as taxes, reconciling a bank account, making vs. earning money, and MUCH more!  The two-day workshop includes all that plus street smart information like first impressions, compound vs. simple interest, investing and three of my personally developed activities covering small business, car buying and credit scores!  The one-day workshop is only $39 while the two-day is only $69.

Email or give me a call today so that we can schedule a workshop and give your child the tools he needs to have to improve his financial future and avoid his own personal financial cliff!

Abundantly yours,

Heidi Christianson


About Hemet Sunshine

I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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