World Handwriting Contest — January 1-June 30

For details, please visit their website.  The following is from


It shall be the purpose of Handwriting For Humanity to foster the study and use of handwritten communications.

The organization shall carry out this purpose through activities such as:

  • The promotion of handwriting and its instruction in educational institutions, as well as for personal home study.
  • Making handwriting instruction and materials available to all children regardless of cultural and financial barriers.
  • Sponsoring an annual handwriting competition.
  • Recognizing individual and corporate efforts in the promotion of handwriting and its instruction.
  • Tracking technical trends in the development of handwriting, and its instruction and materials.

“HANDWRITING: that action of emotion, of thought, and of decision that has recorded the history of mankind, revealed the genius of invention, and disclosed the inmost depths of the soulful heart. It gives ideas tangible form through letters, pictographs, symbols, and signs. Handwriting forges a bond across millennia and generations that not only ties us to the thoughts and deeds of our forebears, but also serves as an irrevocable link to our humanity. Neither machines nor technology can replace or equal the contribution or continuing importance of this inexpensive portable skill. Necessary in every age, handwriting remains just as vital to the enduring saga of civilization as our next breath.”
– Michael Sull

About Hemet Sunshine

I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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