Ballistic Arts and Crafts

My son is not into arts and crafts that are just decorative, but making his own version of these would interest him:

Made With Cardboard:

Made With Foam:

We made our first boffers after learning how at the Southern California Maker Faire.   The simplest design is a PVC pipe covered a swim noodle that is wrapped in duct tape.    The cost of materials to make two is about $5.      My son and his friends have enjoyed these very much.   The first boffer in the first video is a good illustration on how to make one.    I do not know what he said.  I watched this video without listening so I wouldn’t distract my son from his homework.

You can find a great variety of boffers.  Boffers are used in live action role-playing game (LARP).    LARPing is a role-playing game where the participants physically act out their characters’ actions.    I wish I had found boffers years ago.    The foam swords I bought for my son at Toy R Us broke easily and cost four times more!  Grrr!

Here are a few more instructions:

* * *

Same day update:  I published this article while my son was doing his homework.   As soon as he was on break he made a Ninja star.     He is very happy with it.

We are considering the wrist projectile launcher for a science fair project.    In case you didn’t know, you can submit up to three projects total in scientific method or engineering design.

My son is enthralled with this kind of stuff so I will keep adding links as we find more favorites.


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