The Money Game™ Class

The Money Game™ is a class taught by Home Ec Heidi.   Heidi and I have cross paths many times at EMH Sports.    She is super sweet.   This is a really important lesson for our children to learn.   I hope you check out the Money Game.   I am so excited to see that Heidi has finally started a blog.   She has offered a variety of life-skills classes for years.

The following is from Heidi’s blog at

Are your kids ready for the “real world” financially?  Have they had enough practice? Can they do it on their own without making too many mistakes?  As a Money Game™ Coach I can give them the experience and “rule book” they need to play the Money Game™ successfully!

Here is what a mother has said about my workshops:

I was able to host ”The Money Game™” for the youth in my community. It really exceeded my expectations. Heidi Christianson was able to engage the interest of the entire group with activities that taught important principles of personal finance and economics. By using techniques that teach the kids about saving, budgeting and even investing, I feel that these kids are much more prepared for their future. The experience gave the youth a paradigm that will help them attain finacial freedom. I am so grateful for what my kids came away with from “The Money Game™”. They had a great time with lots of fun activities and now they are taking their futures more seriously and looking forward with the tools they need to be financially successfull.

 -Angela Kriel

Here is what some of the participants have said about my workshops:

It is possible and easy to become financially free!

The Money Game™ was an extremely engrossing simulation of financial life.

The most important thing I learned was that spending money on things that you don’t need gives you nothing of value in your life.

I learned how investing money is a risk but it is a good risk!

What is The Money Game™
all about?

Participants learn about budgeting.

They learn about helping each other.

The Money Game™ is a simulation where the participants are the game pieces.  They get up and move around.  They make decisions and see what the outcomes of those decisions are.

They learn about investing. With investing they learn about passive income and how to become financially free!

One of the most important principles that are taught in
The Money Game™ is “Pay Yourself First”.

Financial vocabulary is taught throughout the workshop with a fun recap at the end.

Interested in hosting a workshop in your community?

Contact me at


About Hemet Sunshine

I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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