Science & History By Timeline Travelers

Steve Clugston of Timeline Travelers is a one-man show.  He offers a variety of historical characters for history and science themed events.

The following is one of many shows offered by Timeline Travelers at

A full Gold Rush Camp can set up in your backyard or at your school grounds; as the children will listen to a fully costumed miner from the past and pan for “gold”:

Gold Rush: Jedidiah Hawthorne, a fictitious character from the 1849 California Gold Rush will set up a full camp inside or outside of your classroom and the students can hear his colorful stories and then pan for “gold”; complete with sluice boxes and gold rocker; pans and classifiers.  This gold rush tour is different from others as it also focuses the students attention on how the gold rush contributed to California becoming a state and the issues in 1849 leading to a new California State Constitution in 1850.

Mission era Presentation: A Spaniard or Rancho period Californio can come into your classroom and interpret the California Mission period along with authentic props and stories from the period of early California and the students will also be able to make adobe bricks.

Pioneer: A local Pioneer from your area will speak and demonstrate everyday items, and his life and times in the founding of your town or city. Suggestions for the local pioneer personage are welcome.

Timeline Travelers presents unique interactive lesson plans and historic demonstrations for your classroom, as an historic presentation or as simply entertainment!

We offer an even more unique opportunity to involve the children or parents in engaging and hands-on history and science lessons, which they may participate in.

Lesson plans in alignment with California State Standards can be provided. Props for interactive activities for the children and an accurate historic interpretation will accompany each presentation.

Only $7 per child! In these times of tight budgets, we offer a cost effective and safer alternative to off-campus field trips! All presentations and activities can be done in your class or on the school grounds-whatever best suits your needs! Call now to reserve your date!

Steve Clugston
Timeline Travelers
43412 Via Candeleda
Temecula, CA 92592
tel: (951) 235-3608 cell


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