Testing for Learning Glitches (Long Beach)

I want to highlight local resources on my blog, but this woman comes with such a great word-of-mouth reputation from a very wise friend of mine, that I am now interested in making a 100-mile-one-way drive to meet with Marian S. Soderholm!   If you know how frugal I am, you now that is a huge endorsement.

My interest in her work is because my son has to work VERY hard at reading, and he is about to be age 12.  He has made a lot of progress, but I am looking for ways to make reading easier for him just in case there is a way.

The following is from Marian S. Soderholm, MA, LD Specialist at http://www.natureoflearning.com/Biography.htm:

“We believe in offering hope to parents and students” is what Marian and her husband Erik are all about.

The NATURE OF LEARNING began as an outgrowth of their own private school, Merced Christian Academy.  Marian was encouraged by other school leaders to provide a testing service to help parents understand both the way their students learn and how to teach to their strengths.  In June of 1999, after studying many of the tests used nationwide, Marian began assessing students.

In the field of education for over 30 years, she received her B.A./English from CSULB, possessing both K-12 Teaching and Learning Disabilities Specialist credentials.  A veteran homeschooling mom of a grown son and daughter (a 2004 BIOLA Torrey grad), Marian also taught secondary school, team taught at the community college level and has been a Bible College instructor.  She completed graduate work at AZUSA Pacific University with an MFT in Marital and Family Therapy.  Before entering private schooling, she worked in the field of counseling.

Currently, she administers educational testing, assists teachers and parents as a curriculum and resource specialist and works as an HSLDA Special Needs Consultant.  Marian is also a well known conference and workshop speaker in the Christian community, as well as a CLASS seminar graduate.  She has been married to Erik for 26 years, and currently resides in Long Beach, CA.

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