Smart Kids That Hate To Write by Dianne Craft

Smart Kids That Hate To Write by Dianne Craft is a DVD that came highly recommend on the several literacy forums of which I am a member.  I purchased it for $40.

The summer whizzed by and here it is time to drop into our regular school pattern.   Although I school year round, I have a fairly rigid schedule during the traditional school year.  As I review what we accomplished last year and plan for this year, writing is standing out.    My son has nice print and cursive.   I have helped him build an impressive vocabulary.   His reading has greatly improved and reading comprehension is good.    We are finally settled in on a spelling program we both enjoy.

But writing, my goodness, writing has been the bane of his existence.    So the time has come where I am willing to shell out $55 for 9 weeks of writing instruction.   I am thrilled to farm that task out to someone else.   In our town, there are many public school teachers that offer tutoring on the side.   My choice is a man that is both a public school teacher and a homeschooling dad.

My hope is that with his help, plus the help of Dianne Craft, I can move my son from reluctant to confident by Christmas.   Can it be done?   If not, I will be working at it from yet another angle.   This is why homeschooling is often successful.   I am mommy and I am teacher.   I am not gonna let my son slide on writing.  He will be a proficient writer because I will make sure of it!

The following is what Dianne Craft at has to say about this course:

Does your child seem lazy, sloppy, and unmotivated?  He or she could be suffering from a writing glitch called Dysgraphia, which is easily corrected.  Some children have to use so much energy for the writing process that they are reluctant to put pencil to paper for anything!

The following is the best information I have ever received about learning glitches.  This is when I began to connect where my son needed help and what help to provide.   Kids and Teenagers with Focus-Attention Issues” by Dianne Craft was recorded on January 18th, 2011.

* * *

UPDATE:  The program proports that with daily use the average student’s writing gate will be cleared in about six months.  Although it didn’t seem like much for $40, I decided to try it.   The results were that my son did have measurable improvement after about six months of daily use.  I am satisfied that I got my money’s worth out of it and recommend it.


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