Movie Extras for Courage, New Hampshire

My son had an opportunity to be an extra in Courage, New Hampshire, Episode 2.   He is in the front of the crowd, a little to the right, and between the men about to be hung at the gallows (it is at 37 seconds into this clip).    This scene was shot in August 2011.    Several of my homeschool friends participated in this film.    This was a very fun day!

You can view it at!.

* * *

If you would like to be notified of the next casting call for extras contact Colony Bay to get on their email list.    To give you an idea of what is expected, here is a casting call I received last month:

COURAGE, New Hampshire
Episode 4- “Ambition”
Calling all extras to Courage, New Hampshire for the grand militia muster in Episode 4! To arms, lads!

***EXTRAS NEEDED*** (Men, Women and Children)


Important Notes:

All filming will take place at Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen, CA. We are located approximately 1.5 hours east of Los Angeles. Here is the link to the farm for directions: When you arrive at Riley’s Farm for filming, please CHECK IN with me before going anywhere else.More info on check-in will follow for those who RSVP.

Extras are not paid, but everyone who shows up to be an extra will be fed!

NO ONE IS GUARANTEED A ROLE, AND NOT EVERYONE WHO SHOWS UP WILL BE USED. We must have a historically responsible ratio of men forming the militias (the muster’s main attraction) to merchants, women and children (spectators at the event). Our period costumes are also in high demand. *Early arrivals on the day of filming will have a better chance of being used. Call times are currently TBA.*

ALL COSTUMES MUST BE APPROVED BY OUR WARDROBE DEPARTMENT. If you have 1770’s era attire or accoutrements and would like to be pre-approved to wear it/them, please email me with a clear picture of you in costume so that I can seek approval from the wardrobe department.

Men’s facial hair must be CLEAN SHAVEN to participate. No exceptions. It is recommended that men shaving beards do so two or three days in advance of filming so that their face coloring has a chance to even out. Also, long hair is preferred for men. Those with short hair may be required to wear a wig we will provide.

No visible tattoos or body piercings (other than ears), please. Hair color and nails must look natural.

Please bring the following items with you on the day(s) you film:

· Plain black or brown shoes or boots (plain black or brown sneakers are permissible as long as the laces and sole are also black or brown)
· Plain black, brown, or white tights or knee socks (baseball socks are ok – no stripes!)

Some folks without costumes may be considered for early extras casting. Please include a headshot or recent picture of you in your RSVP, along with the following specifics: gender, age range, height, weight, current measurements for the chest, hips, and bust, and shoe size. If you are cast prior to filming, I will contact you.

Please RSVP at if you plan to attend. I will contact you with more information when the call times are finalized. Also, feel free to send this opportunity to any friends you think might be interested. Join the revolution today!

Thank you,
Angela Shaddix
Extras Casting Coordinator
Colony Bay Entertainment
909.790.8463 Ext. 208
951.796.5991 cell
119 E Union Street • Pasadena, Calif. 91103 •


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