Teen Citizenship

Teach Your Teen Citizenship

The Home School Legal Defense Association is proud to announce our newest civic literacy course, iCitizen! Developed by Generation Joshua, a department of HSLDA, iCitizen will equip your student with the political and historical knowledge every American needs to be an educated and engaged citizen.

The course highlights the purpose of the Constitution, the structure of America’s government economic system, the role of American diplomacy, expressions of patriotism, and provides an introduction to American parties and politics. Perfect as a half-credit, stand-alone civics course, iCitizen is also excellent preparation for accelerated middle school students, or for freshmen and sophomores planning to take advanced American government courses during their upperclassmen years.

iCitizen provides online testing and opportunities for customization to your family and child’s needs. Included with the course are suggested teaching plans, ranging anywhere from student directed self-study to intensive instructor involvement, with discussion questions, suggested essay topics and supplemental resources.

Here’s what people are saying about iCitizen:

“We highly recommend iCitizen to give your teen a thorough, working knowledge of our system of government and his or her role as a US citizen. The course is a wonderful lead-in to studying American government in depth.”—Diane Kummer, High School Consultant

Don’t miss this opportunity to train your student in responsible American citizenship! Your iCitizen purchase features 1-year access to all online resources and quizzes for only $40 ($30 for HSLDA members).

To view course details, read a sample chapter, or purchase the course click here.



About Hemet Sunshine

I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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