Pirate’s Ball (Romoland) — August 4th

Are you ready to dress as a pirate, enjoy a potluck meal, and dance with fellow silly folk?    I am.    Let me tell you if you have not attended an event hosted by a Creighton, then you have missed out on something special.   Please join this FREE event for some sweet, sweet fellowship with a sweet homeschooling family who love to dress up and dance!  The event will cancel if less than 10 can attend.

Here is your invitation:

Ahoy me hearties,

Prepare to set sail for adventure. All sheets to the wind for August the fourth as I hear tell that there be dancing and caterwauling and various other shindigs of a delightful nature.  So dress smartly and we’ll see yo there matey. Yo-ho!

In case you haven’t yet figured it out, the theme of our next dance is pirates.  Dress is modest pirate outfit or simply nice clothes (keep in mind it will likely be hot).  Please bring a potluck dish to share.  We gather at five, eat at five thirty.  By six thirty we should be dancing.  Hope to see you all there.

Location is TBD.  Right now it is at my folks place in Romoland, but if we do it there we will be outside. Please wear appropriate footwear.  If I can get an indoor location I will update.

For more information and to RSVP contact me at logan_jc@live.com.

Logan Creighton

Additional Resources

August 5th UPDATE – On the morning of the Pirate’s Ball I began looking at pirate costumes on the Internet until I could figure out how to make one with what I had available.     I had a huge piece of tee shirt material that was solid red that I bought for a couple dollars at the thrift store.   I only needed to cut it into head scarfs and dagger-holding sashes.   I love working with tee shirt material because it does not require sewing.   I bought daggers at the 99c store several Halloweens ago.    We wore enormous gold-colored metal chains for necklaces.   These accessories were worn with black jeans and striped shirts.

When I arrived I met an 18-year-old that was wearing hoop earrings that he made for his non-pierced ears.   It was so clever I copied him.   I removed a link from my metal chain necklace and clasped it to my ear.  It completed my look.   Arrgh!

This event was about getting together and having fun.   Some folks had put a lot work into looking authentic, some folks went for the pirate-inspired look (my husband and I), some folks didn’t try to dress piratey.   We all had a lot of fun.   I am guessing about 40-50 people attended.

Logan is a dance caller by trade.   The guests that were experienced in proper pirate dancing helped the new dancers learn.   Every one got lessons before each dance was introduced.   It was so much fun.   The event ended with a hunt to find a treasure chest.

Logan plans to host another dance in January.  This will be a Christmas Ball.   The dress will be to wear your Christmas finest or tee shirt and jeans, whatever.    I highly recommend this event.   My husband and I had a great time.    We plan to attend the next event.    Our son missed this event because he was at a special sleepover at Lake Skinner.    He will be attend the next Ball in January.

I have lots of video and photos, but no time to post them.    I suggest you contact Logan to get on his email list.    His events are great!    Did I mention they are also FREE?

About Hemet Sunshine

I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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