Birthday Freebies

Spring is the beginning of hunting season in my home, birthday freebie hunting season.   I focus is on the biggest big deal and then plan a day around it.   We don’t always get around to the numerous food deals. Disneyland was free on your birthday.  When that deal ended, Glen Ivy Hotsprings was my husband’s favorite deal.   Now visiting Catalina island for FREE is my family’s favorite birthday freebie. The Catalina Express birthday deal begins May 1st and ends April 30th.   It was originally for last year only.    It was so popular they are offering it again and this time the whole island is full of birthday specials.   My husband and son went from 6am-9pm!  The earliest possible departure and the latest return. Catalina Express was free for my husband and my son’s fare cost $55.   They received a surprise discount on kayaking just because he mentioned it was his birthday.    Parasailing on Island Water Charters was FREE for my husband and my son’s fare was only $65.  Father and son also enjoyed a FREE game of miniature golf, FREE game of bowling, a FREE ice cream, a FREE polished pretty stone, and a FREE steak dinner (Buffalo Restaurant).    Parking fees vary according to where you depart.   It costs $15 in downtown Long Beach.   Their big adventure cost less than $200 including the gas to drive to Long Beach.  What a deal.    They had so much fun and they were so busy they didn’t even go fishing as planned.   No problem, the all-day lockers are big and only cost $5 so they didn’t have to lug around excess stuff.

* * *

Glen Ivy Spa 25000 Glen Ivy Road Corona, CA 92883 (888) 453-6489 My husband and I have enjoyed this as a deal before.   They are open from 9am-6pm.   The deal changed to FREE admission only if you book any 50 minute or longer spa treatment and join their online club.   I wish it were a 2fer.

* * *

Medieval Times 7662 Beach Boulevard Buena Park, CA 888-693-1695 The birthday deal is one FREE feast and tournament with one paying adult ticket for each birthday freebie.  You are also required to join their online club.    An adult ticket costs $60.65 ($57.95 + 70c tax & $3 processing fee).  A child ticket costs $39.40 ($35.95 + tax & processing fee).    It is so pricey that a 2fer is the only way I would consider going.   It is not an all-day event so I will be mapping out other birthday freebies between there and home.

* * *

Baskin Robbins Birthday Treat: One scoop free ice cream What to do: Join the online club Ben & Jerry’s Birthday Treat: One scoop free ice cream What to do: Join the online club Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Treat: A buy one, get one free creation coupon What to do: Join the online club Benihana Birthday Treat: Free dinner (valued at $30 or less) What to do: Join the online club Black Angus Steakhouse Birthday Treat: Free steak dinner on your first birthday as a member What to do: Join the online club Buono’s Authentic Pizzeria Birthday Treat: Free personal pizza and dessert What to do: Join the online club Starbucks Birthday Treat: Free birthday beverage What to do: Join the online club

* * *

Saturday Morning Kids Show (radio show) will announce your birthday on the Kwave 107.9 FM radio, if you fill out this form:

* * *

Take trip down memory land and look up the #1 song played the day you were born —

* * * – Happy Birthdays are good for your health!

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I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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