Historic Reenacting and Costume Sewing Classes (Nuevo)

Shelley Peters offers sewing classes year round.  I am only going to post this once.  If you are interested in attending her classes, please email her a subscription request so you can be notified of her current class offerings at shelleypeters@verizon.net.

Shelley Peters SewPeriod!
Proprietress, Kansas Mercantile

Historic Reenacting

For information and updates on historic reenacting, costume, or vintage dance events join:  TimeTravelersLivingHistoryReenactors@yahoogroups.com

Civilian Civil War Reenacting Units

These Civilian Civil War Reenacting Units are always looking for new members:

Historical Citizens Association


10th Georgia Hospital & Relief Association
Terry Larson flyingcolorscsa@verizon.net or 951 506-9139
Jim & Lynette Corten at 951 694-1862

American Civil War Society, Inc
ACWS.net or ACWS_CivilianCorps@yahoogroups.com

Upcoming Events 2012

Come and commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War at these sesquicentennial events:

March 24, 25 – Civil War Reenactment St. Catherine’s Academy*,  Anaheim

March 24 – Social Dance Irregulars Ball, Pasadena

March 31, April 1 – Civil War Reenactment Prado Park*
www. SCCWA.com

April 6, 7, 8 – Titanic weekend San Diego Vintage Dancers

April 14, 15 – Civil War Reenactment*, Fairview Park , Costa Mesa

April 28, 29 – Civil War Reenactment, Pierce College*, Woodland Hills

April 28 – May Faire Ball, San Diego

May 5 – Edwardian Corset Workshop*, LAX area

May 11-13 – “Gaslight Gathering” Steampunk & Victoriana Conf.*, San Diego

May 26 – Saturday Sewing Workshop, Nuevo

June 16 – Sat Blue & Gray Summer Cotillion & Military Ball

June 16 – Grand Victorian Ball Pasadena

July 7, 8 – Ft. MacArthur Timeline*,  San Pedro

July 21, 22 – Civil War Reenactment El Dorado Park, Long Beach*  http://www.civilwaralliance.com

August 2, 3, 4, 5 – Costume College, Woodland Hills, http://www.costumecollege.org

September 1, 2 – Civil War Days*, Central Park, Huntington Beach

September 15, 16 – Rendezvoux*, Poway

October 6, 7 – Marching Thru History Expo*, TimeLine, Prado Park, Chino

October 13, 14 – Battle of the Old Woman’s Gun*, Rancho Dominguez, Carson

October 27, 28 – Civil War in the Battle Born State*, Las Vegas, Nevada

November 10, 11 – The Blue and the Gray, Civil War*, Moorpark http://www.civilwaralliance.com

November 24 – SDI Ball Pasadena

February 2, 3 – Riverside Dickens Festival*

*The Kansas Mercantile will be set up at this event.


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I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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